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Welcome to Daylight Support! We’re happy to help. Please check the FAQs to see if your question is answered, and if not, feel free to email or text our support team.

We love feedback, so don’t hesitate to write to us with ideas or issues you’re having.

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Does the computer work with a stylus?
Does the computer have “airplane mode”?
Can I connect to the Internet using Ethernet instead of WiFi?

Blue Light

What is the amber backlight?
How does this help people who are blue light sensitive?
Can't you already remove the blue light from your phone or computer?


Where do you ship to?
How much does shipping cost?
Can I change my billing or shipping address?


Does Daylight take care of VAT?
Can we pay in BTC?
Can I get a discount code?


I love the cause—how can I help Daylight?
Can I have an affiliate link?
Can I invest in Daylight?


Why did you start Daylight Computer Company?
Where is Daylight based?
What other devices do you have?


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